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We are honored to support and participate the First Annual Toy Drive and Motorcycle Parade from Bean Blossom to Nashville on  December 1st, 2012.

HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry is one of the 3 sponsors.

Ted Hayes has be a long time member of HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry and he has posted his phone number as the contact.

Please come out with a new toy and parade with us, no matter what the weather, drive a car or truck.  The first 50 people receive

I know our friend, Jeff,  was not purposefully doing a stunt when he crashed his motorcycle last month, and I know that if he didn't have the sun in his eyes with it's low evening glare, and if construction had been set-up, rather that still in the process, he would not be in the hospital a month later, struggling to get back to normal.

The first time I saw him in ICU, I had a panic attack as memories of our own motorcycle accident 15 years ago flooded back to the forefront of my mind. 

I held it together as we talked to his family and stayed calm while nurses and various caregivers came in to add tubes, move his feet, legs, arms, prop him up, and softly talk through each process, all the while he lay there in a coma, and no one knew if he was aware of our visit.  All the monitors beeping and displaying graphs and spitting out reports, it was haunting.

I fell apart when we exited the hallway heading to the elevator.  I remembered how little strength I had when we wrecked our motorcycle in the Washington D.C. area in 1997.  So far from home, Russ in a coma, family and friends driving the 650 miles to visit, and the support and help we received.  But I also remembered the pain Russ was in, I was not injured as badly, but had to be transported and have continued therapy and was in a wheelchair the first few weeks visiting him in ICU.   I had so many questions for God, "Why," was the largest that crowded out all others.

With our friend, Jeff, this last month, Russ has been able to sit in ICU through the day or evenings while his wife returned to work.  Each time Russ came home from sitting with Jeff,  I found myself dreading asking him about Jeff's condition, because the improvements were so minimal.  I was losing hope, and the stress of Jeff's prognosis was wearing both of us down.

Last night we visited Jeff again 4 weeks after the wreck.  He is in a rehab hospital.  And although he's not totally recovered, the nurse announced he had guests, and asked Jeff who we were, and he said, "Oh, a couple of preachers."

These were the first words I've heard him speak since the wreck.  I nearly cried right then, held back the tears, but my heart jumped to my throat and a huge, "Praise the Lord," came to my lips.  Oh that hope revisited us.  I had mentioned this term earlier in the day about another situation in our lives.  Then as we sat with him in his little rehab dining room, while he ate his delicious meal of a thickened protein shake through a straw and took pills embedded in bites of applesauce, I saw a hope returning to our friend, also. 

When we asked Jeff  if we could bring him anything, he said, "Just your visits, that's all I ask."

God is in control as Jeff heals.  Please pray for him as he has huge hurdles to overcome in rehab, but God's healing hand was displayed before our eyes.  And for that we are so grateful.  The healer remains among us.

Shawl of many colors I wove on my loom.
Yep, I'm one of those people. 
I cry when I hear my almost 13 year-old grandson's changing voice,
or when I say the pledge of allegiance to the US Flag,
or hear the National Anthem. 

I also tear up when I see a recent photo of my new grand baby wearing a sweater I made for her when she was born. 

I know I wear my reactions on my sleeves.   I wouldn't do it, or I couldn't do it, gamble, that is, because I've been told all my life that I wouldn't be good as a poker player, my face is too easy to read.  But I'm not sure I agree 100%. 

I know that I keep a lot inside, don't voice it or show it.  But I've learned through the years that as long as I recognize those things that confront me, shock me, stop me in my tracks, challenge me, surprise me or break me, all the while aware that each are different ways God can teach me, if I purposefully let my reactions be pure, I'm the victor.

I learned a hard lesson about my reactions in my early 30's.  As a guest in a stranger's home I was complaining about my new boss.  After a great deal of drama, causing much discomfort on the part of our hostess, it was revealed that my new boss was her relative.  I was so devastated, humbled and ashamed.  I apologized and the conversation turned.  I received wise counsel, heeded it, and was handed a little booklet, "Your Reactions are Showing."

The booklet was an in depth study of Joseph, in the Bible.  His coat of many colors, his favor from his parents, his dreams and how he handled them, and of course his brothers and the antics that nearly cost Joseph his life.  Instead of living his dreams the way he interpreted them, he was left for dead, lied about, sold as a slave, became a prisoner, accused wrongly, promised freedom and forgotten. 

The story goes into great detail in the book of Genesis, but in chapter 45 Joseph has the opportunity to react well, maturely and with grace: verses 4-8 “Come closer to me,” Joseph said to his brothers. They came closer. “I am Joseph your brother whom you sold into Egypt. But don’t feel badly, don’t blame yourselves for selling me. God was behind it. God sent me here ahead of you to save lives. There has been a famine in the land now for two years; the famine will continue for five more years—neither plowing nor harvesting. God sent me on ahead to pave the way and make sure there was a remnant in the land, to save your lives in an amazing act of deliverance. So you see, it wasn’t you who sent me here but God. He set me in place as a father to Pharaoh, put me in charge of his personal affairs, and made me ruler of all Egypt."  The Message

There it is.  His reaction to his brothers who, well, the list of wrongs is very long.  Life and his deceiving brothers had not been fair to Joseph, but Joseph's reaction is the whole story

So now, when I remember, life isn't fair, and people don't think, and disappointments are always lurking; I also remember, I must control my reactions. 

My secret?  I pray a blessing over the offender.  Not immediately and not 100% of the time, sometimes I have to process it a few minutes, or hours or even days, occasionally, but as soon as I get in a frame of mind that allows me to bless the offender, I'm FREE!! 

I like it when my reactions show!!

Judy Cockrum
September 6, 2012

Much of what we do in Motorcycle Ministry requires stepping up, and providing free services to bikers.

This photo is from the Free Bike Wash in Daytona Beach.

Recently Russ was asked to contribute an article to the "Book of Hope - Road Edition."

This is his article:


Maybe you’ve seen it on some biker’s vest or heard the phrase, “Respect few, fear none,” sometimes stated, “Honor few, fear none.”  Bikers, and others who live by this code, feel life has taught them they can trust almost no one outside of a few close associates, and even fewer are worthy of any kind of respect or honor. They “fear no one,” because any threat, dishonor or disrespect shown them is taken as an assault against the entire group or club.  Seems like a pretty harsh view of life, doesn’t it?

Here’s something that may surprise you.  God agrees, sort of, but, He takes it even further.  God’s word tells us that absolutely no one has earned the right to be respected and honored.  We’ve all messed up.  That’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news.  He loves us anyway.  Even though no amount of perseverance or prospecting would ever prove us worthy of His acceptance, He provides a way through His son, Jesus.  And here’s more good news.  We don’t have to fear anything or anyone because God himself has promised to always stand with us.  You mess with one of His – you mess with Him.

God’s by-laws, the Bible, says we’re basically all in the same boat, none worthy yet all able to gain His acceptance if we choose His plan for our lives.  If all are equal in God's eyes then maybe we should treat all the same, with honor and respect. Even though few will ever earn it by our standards,  all are able by God's.

Now, here's the kicker.  A life well lived is more powerful than any prayer you'll ever pray, and honors and respects God more than any sermon ever preached.

Russ Cockrum

This young lady has grown up watching her Daddy's Motorcycle Ministry blossom.  Before she was born, he was saved under our ministry at a Biker Sunday at his wife's church. 

The testimonies that have come out of his journey with Christ are amazing and for him to tell, but seeing Erin suited up for a ride with her Dad after a big day washing bikes in Daytona, gave me pause.

I remembered another story of a biker and his daughter.

Years ago when we were at a very large, notorious rally where bikers rode in with sleeping bags and cases of beer on their bikes, threw down a bag and went off to party, one of those riders had a special request.

He had arrived with the shirt on his back, a sleeping bag and enough money for food. 

His request:  Could he sleep under our coffee canopy during the day (for shade), as he planned to find work with security for the event during the night for funds to get himself to the next rally or event.  Very common lifestyle of a biker.

Russ was kind to the young man, but also told him that we were a very busy tent during the day, as we served coffee and ice water, had extra chairs for sitting in the shade and bikers would be coming and going and talking to us.  This young man, Terry, said that was fine, and let us know he wasn't interested in our message or the free Bibles we were giving out, just the shade of our canopy.

Four days he slept in the shade and worked the grueling nights of partying and breaking up fights.  He seemed to be a pretty sound sleeper through the roar of motorcycle mufflers, and constant party atmosphere.  The things that were said under our canopy,

"Would you like a free cup of coffee?"
"No, we don't do this for a donation."
"Free, means free.  We don't take money."
"The Bibles are free also."
"No thank you, we have churches that buy our coffee so we can be here to talk to you."
"We used to drink and smoke, party all the time, our marriage was messed up until we gave God control of our lives."

When it was time to pack up camp, Russ left to get our pick-up truck parked on the back 40, and I began putting away odds and ends ready to load the trailer. 

Terry walked up to me, and said, "I've been listening to you guys all week talking about God and Jesus, and not taking money, and your story about who you used to be." 

I was stunned.

He handed me something.  It was a letter to him.  He said, "Would you mind reading this and explaining it to me.  I just got it in the mail before I came to this event."

I opened the letter and it read, "Dear Daddy, I found Jesus and I hope you do, too..."  The letter continued to tell of her life since he left over 10 years before, and her forgiveness and love for him.

He spoke again, just as I was choking back the tears, "I left 10 years ago, and never went back, she was on 7.  It was about me and her Mom, not about her.  Do you think she wants me in her life after all this."

I handed him the letter and said, "Terry, Daddy, this is your invitation."

He asked for a Bible and our contact information.

As he rode away I turned to clear our ministry table and began to cry.  Through the tears I saw a $20.00 bill tucked under the FREE Bibles.  Terry of all people knew we didn't accept donations, and wasn't he broke?

Do not try this at home (or anywhere).
Is it a passion for souls, still? 
Has it always been?
We know we're aging.  We also know that down the road we could be changing what we ride based on our riding abilities. 

Keeping active and healthy are both goals as we age.  We also know we cannot travel the miles we travel without additional aches and pains.  We're reminded daily. 

Yet, there is good evidence that God is planning on using us in this capacity for many years to come, as we are reaping many signs of the influence His Holy Spirit has given with much grace.

We still enjoy riding, and love meeting people, encouraging and praying with them, handing out camouflage bandannas with scripture, giving away cross pennies everywhere we go, speaking in churches and simply serving coffee to bikers at events.

Our passion for veterans and active duty military has been magnified.  We started HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry in 2000, and since then we've participated in several patriotic events including our Run For The Wall.   We both served in leadership on the Run for 10 years.  Now we're looking into a Biker Ministry that focuses on military veterans and active duty.  God is giving us tons of new opportunities.
Meet Leo:

I had the unique opportunity to stand for nearly 30 minutes and listen to this veteran's story from World War II after noticing his t-shirt (he's participating in Honor Flight) and stopping him, to give him a bandanna, in front of the Washington Monument in D.C. on Memorial Day weekend. 

He was a "Liberator" at the end of the war, fought in Europe, and was on a ship headed to the Pacific when the A-bomb was dropped. 

Leo knows he's still here for a purpose. 

All that said, we feel an urging to change up what we do, kick it up a notch.  We're tossing around putting together a show bike and adding bike shows to our calendar, looking into recovery groups and military support groups along with a few other options.

In addition to speaking in churches for missions Sundays and organizing Biker Sundays, we participate in many motorcycle group rides, have memberships in different motorcycle interest groups, support recovery groups, and join in with patriotic gatherings as we hope to stay embedded and be an influence whenever and wherever God directs.

Russ was one of the "Jesus Stories" at Grace, and the article"Full Circle" in the Pentecostal Evangel was featured.  We are so amazed at our journey.  It will soon be 34 years since we wandered into an Assembly of God church on a Wednesday night.

I still remember the sermon that evening, it was the story of the "Sower of the Seed,"  by Pastor Rosco Russell.  Pastor Herb Hull was on vacation.  That Sunday we came back AM and PM, and gave our lives to Christ in the evening service.

Pastor Russell talked about a path on the Indiana University campus in Bloomington Indiana that led between two dorm buildings, and their shared tennis courts.  I knew the buildings and the paths.  He said that if he were to walk out there and throw, cast, seed for a harvest, the seed would scorch from the sun, and die from being trampled on the well worn path.

Then he compared the seed to God's message of love, peace, healing and forgiveness, and compared the path to the hardened heart of the hurting, discouraged, fearful and rebellious people who needed God's love.  He was speaking to me, and I'll never forget the visual - my heart with stone hard paths through it, trampled on by so many unknowing acquaintances.  There was some garden preparation going on that night, from a simple sermon.

Thank you Lord for the call on our lives, to go out with the message that was planted in our hearts, once you were able to till the hardened soil and plant the seeds of harvest in rich new soil.

God, richly bless each one who has had a part in this incredible ministry You have given us, thank You for the prayers that have come our way, finances provided, corrections and encouragements from people who serve You.  Thank You Lord for these!!
While the volunteers get started washing bikes that pull into the free bike wash in Daytona, others start answering their questions about why we do this for free.

Yes, that's what it's called.  "An illumination of the revelation."

The gentleman who pulled his motorcycle into the Free Bike Wash at Daytona Beach last week was a believer.

After we chatted awhile, as I dried his bike off with a clean towel, he told me he liked my spirit.  He had asked a lot of questions about the "free" in Free Bike Wash, wondering how people responded to that, and I had explained that it's a little easier to explain God's FREE gift of his Son, Jesus, when we really mean free.  We don't take donations. 

He liked that.  He slapped his thigh, threw his head back, laughed a little bit and repeated, "I like that, I do."  He said that stopping in for a free bike had helped him clarify something that has been rolling around in his thoughts this whole trip.

He called it, "An illumination of a revelation."  He went on to explain that sometimes we know things in our brain, head knowledge, and we have to stop into a free bike wash, have a little conversation with another believer, and suddenly the thoughts are illuminated. 

Well, it's not like I set out that morning to illuminate someone else's revelation, but I had just read a teaching on this very topic:  the difference between God illuminating one of His truths, after revealing scripture, or giving a revelation ... they really are two different processes, that I suppose can happen simultaneously for some.

When the light goes on in our minds, the revelation that was there is much easier to "see."  He was referring to the word free.  How awesome is that?

Several years ago a lady asked me if I was going to attend church on Easter.  My response was that I didn't attend any other time of year, why would I attend on a special holiday.  She then asked me if I was a Christian.  I told her the answer was pretty obvious.

A few months later I was one, (a Christian).  The series of events from Easter 1978 to July 16, 1978 included more conversations about my beliefs, revelations about my spiritual condition, major surgery and a near break up of our marriage.  The revelation, God using people in my life as a mirror reflecting my shallow faith,  was illuminated when I sat in a church on a July evening listening to a message that stressed a person cannot be too bad or too far away from God.  His arm is not too short and he forgives anyone who asks for this grace gift.

You can read our amazing story in the

April 8, 2012 Pentecostal Evangel, www.pentecostalevangel.org


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